The island & the beloved

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May 15, 2022 – May 22, 2022





The island & the beloved is a brand new project and is expected to be the largest classical music collection nft in ethereum to date.

Join our discord community and follow us on twitter by may 23rd. You will get og status in discord with the lowest og minting price.

The island & the beloved – a classical music-themed jigsaw puzzles nft collection, is an innovative attempt for classical music to merge into the metaverse. This collection includes 18 pieces of classical music audio(each piece of audio will have several copies of its own), a total of 3333 nfts. The music tracks(nfts) are categorized as the island, the beloved, and other special editions. In addition, by collecting different music tracks you can complete the puzzle and get some rewards. Holders of this music nft will receive our next free pfp airdrop.

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