The Ghoulies NFT Collection

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November 25, 2021 – November 25, 2021






The Ghoulies are a collection of 10,001 unique, gamified, and story-driven NFTs on the POLYGON Blockchain. The Ghoulies project will expand with a bunch of activities in Discord, lore, comics, and community events to earn free NFTs. The Ghoulies project is developing towards Hearthstone style card game, utilizing the NFTs and tokens, as well as aims to turn the Ghoulies Universe into a MOBA in the long run.

Each Ghoulie is randomly generated by combining over 140 hand-drawn assets with varying rarities (Skull Design, Backgrounds, Bodies, Teeth, Eyes, Hats, Accessories, and Stats for future game utility. Mint your Groulies at 150 MATIC on November 25!

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