The Endangered Society - First NFT Dropped Today

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February 22, 2022 – March 01, 2022





The Endangered Society is a premier, handcrafted (non-generated) collection of 10,000 endangered animal species by artist J.Karr.

20% of sales will be donated to The Ellen Degeneres Wildlife Fund to help save endangered animals and preserve their native habitats.

The first 100 owners will be whitelisted for all upcoming collections! All owners will also receive a free large-scale print of your unique Endangered Society NFT, signed by the artist, as well as access to prizes such as special events, cash and much more!

The year is 2088. A rogue scientist has failed in an experiment attempting to couple the brain activity of an endangered tiger with artificial intelligence. This intelligence has now become self-aware and permeated into all levels of our computer infrastructure.

Now it is threatening to end our existence as humans if we do not comply to their demands of ceasing to destroy all endangered species of the world.

To better identify and relate their intentions to their human nemeses, these endangered species have taken forms of hybrid human/animal avatars which rule all forms of communication in the metaverse. 

They now operate under this collective, known as The Endangered Society.

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