The Digital Voyage & Beyond

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January 28, 2022 – February 04, 2022





Upcoming Metaverse game that is centered around an intrepid Voxel character named Johnny Starlin who is an intergalactic NFT collector. Follow along as he journeys through different levels/metaverse to compile “The Dealers” rare and remarkable collection.

Soon this thrilling game will be a play to earn! You can play the “Digital voyage & beyond” to earn special prizes to future NFT collections and more. 

The Digital Voyage & Beyond are 100 unique designs, Created for game play & rare collectibles.

Play the "TDV&B" game with your NFT and earn tokens! 

Mix between different Metaverse's and monetize your NFT while playing the "TDV&B" game.

Total 100( 1 0f 1 ) Collection masterfully made. The collection holds:

60  - Johnny Starlin 1 of 1 Movements.  30 - Rare Art Pieces  with Characters from The Digital Voyage & Beyond Game  10 - Exquisite Limited Edition (Iconic) Art Pieces from the game. That the character Johnny Starlin will be collecting.

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