The CryptoMobsters

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July 30, 2021 – August 11, 2021






The first collection of the CryptoMobsters with a very special story behind it. The collection will come with the following story of the CryptoMobsters. Each character is unique and named. Each collection comes with 20 characters and 5 giveaways of OG Prime CryptoMobsters. Here is the first chapter :

The Crypto Mobsters are Central Bank robbers. They are completely silent... Moving fast like shadows... They like to watch the Central Bankers when they sleep.. And at some point, they start to make some very spooky little noises... And when they do... It's already too late. Soon, they will attack and destroy the most famous shitcoin of this earth, the evil FIAT, and then... The decentralized crypto Mobsters will take over the world!

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