The Crypto Deal

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March 01, 2022 – March 08, 2022





After a long wait and silence, the founder who is a substantial shareholder announces via the chain that he is going to sell his NFT tokens on opensea platform.

The price of the tokens increases quickly seeing that there are many large participants who want to buy at a low price.

However, the founder has set the condition that, if the number of participants in this sale is less than 10 people, then all buyers will be refunded their money.

In the end less than 10 people participate and all buyers receive their money back.

Please keep in mind these are just story ideas which haven't been plotted out.

Total items are 10000 in which we have listed 3000 currently. Shortly we will come with offer with 100 NFT at lowest price. Please join our telegram channel and send your ETH address 

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