The Alchemist Collection

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May 04, 2023 – May 11, 2023







Eye of Unity Games has recently unveiled their new The Alchemist + Alchemy Polygon NFT Collection, a cutting-edge fusion of art and gaming. Featuring 50 different types of alchemy ingredients, this generative game art collection is set to revolutionize the crypto gaming world. Each alchemy ingredient is encased in glass frames, with two different mobile and desktop-friendly games minted to the Filecoin blockchain.

The first game, The Alchemist, is designed for those who wish to create their own magical concoctions with alchemy ingredients. Players can mix and match different types of ingredients that can be used to craft potions and other elixirs. As players progress through the game they’ll unlock rarer items that are sure to add an extra kick of excitement!

The second game, Alchemy Polygon, gives players a chance to explore the world of alchemy and learn more about the process behind it. Players will be tasked with gathering different components as they progress through increasingly difficult puzzles. Once all required components have been collected players will be rewarded with points which can then be used to purchase unique NFTs from Eye of Unity Games’ exclusive collection.

The alchemy-inspired artwork featured in these games is also quite gorgeous – each frame contains a unique design that was crafted by hand from some truly talented artists from around the world. In addition, each frame is secured using Filecoin’s blockchain technology for secure storage on the MATIC network – adding an extra layer of security for gamers who wish to keep their assets safe from thieves or malicious actors.

As if this wasn’t enough, Eye of Unity Games also plans on releasing over 20 thousand NFTs into circulation over time – making sure there’s plenty of supplies available whenever demand arises. This influx of quality content should help keep NFT collectors happy while giving developers ample opportunity to create new experiences based on cryptographic assets within this booming sector.

We can only speculate how things will turn out but we do know one thing for certain – The Alchemist + Alchemy Polygon NFT Collection by Eye of Unity Games looks like it has a lot promise! With its captivating visuals combined with secure blockchain storage on MATIC network via Filecoin plus plentiful NFT supply – we definitely have something special here!

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