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March 31, 2023 – April 07, 2023


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Sino Global Games’ flagship game, Tearing Spaces, has recently concluded a very successful private beta and is now ready for their next phase - a FREE Genesis Mint of their PFP / Membership Pass!

They have released a limited free-to-play demo version before their crypto-enabled beta test goes live. Click here (https://demo.tearingspaces.com/) to download the Tearing Spaces demo (Windows only).

The crypto beta will follow the Genesis Mint. These “Membership Pass” Anime-style hero PFPs can be used in-game as avatars, grant early access to new game builds (including the mobile version of Tearing Spaces), give early access to NFT drops, added staking boosts, and more.

  • The game will initially launch on Polygon and will be multichain in the future.
  • NFTs will NOT be required to play the game but are required to earn and interact with Web 3 functionality.

To enhance the Tearing Spaces experience for players, we will be offering three more NFT drops, reflecting our enhanced functionality:

  • Skins: Change the appearance of characters in-game, with potential bonuses based on rarity.
  • Weapons: Give earning rewards, increase durability and decrease repair costs.
  • Maps: Allow users to own a piece of the battlefield and earn a share of the rewards from battles fought on the map.

PFP Mint Details:

  • Size: 2,500
  • Price: FREE

For more information about SinoGG’s projects: 

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