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November 29, 2022 – December 06, 2022





Tanukiverse is an IP based on the real animal, Tanuki who are believed to have the "power of shapeshifting" stored in their gigantic balls.

Using this lore as NFTs, we're creating the most multicultural, multilingual, multidimensional multiverse to ever exist - a creative space for developers, artists, gamers, writers and all kinds of creators to co-create and expand this open and ballsy culture.

Our ecosystem includes - 

1. Tanukibles - 9999 (NFTs) of the cutest, coolest and rarest Tanukis to have ever existed

2. Tanukiland - Virtual country that runs on an explore-to-earn game economy

3. Tanuki DAO - Community of developers, artists, gamers and creators who build and govern Tanukiland

4. Tanuken ($NUKI) - The ERC20 utility and governance token that will become the currency of Tanukiland.

5. Tanuki Denetsu - Community-born anime and manga series

Our first mint shall be in 3 trenches with a total of 3000 NFTs up for sale - 

1. Pre Mint (40% discount of Mint Price) - For this the user need to have our Sarubobo Gold Airdrop

2. Pre Mint 2 (20% discount of Mint Price) - For this the user need to have our Sarubobo Silver Airdrop

3. Mint (0% discount) - Public Mint Price

The Gold and Silver Airdrops are still live if you can find a way for them in our discord or website ;) 

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