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May 24, 2023 – May 31, 2023







SZNS is a collection of 888 hand-crafted artworks that combine pixel art, glitch and sound to create unique meditative experiences.

SZNS was inspired by an intensive study of traditional Japanese Suibokuga paintings, Japanese ukiyo-e prints, and Chinese shanshui hua paintings. Elements of these traditional Eastern art forms are fused with cutting edge digital techniques to create something entirely new.

Each of the 888 pieces in the SZNS collection was created one at a time using an analogue process that blends the techniques and styles of JakNFT and Hiroji Kotegawa. The process combines hand-drawn illustrations, code and sound with rigorous curation.

SZNS was meticulously curated pre-mint. Over the course of 6 months, Jak and Hiroji created over 8,000 original pieces, but only selected a limited supply of 888 artworks to be included in the final curated collection.

There are 11 SZNS of the mind, 45 character types, 150 kinds of sound and over 300 different landscapes. No two pieces are the same. Several true 1/1s — featuring characters that only make a single appearance — are also hidden in the collection.

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