Sushi Pals

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May 05, 2022 – May 12, 2022





Welcome to the World of Sushi Pal 

We’re a project of 8888 Sushi Pals NFT on the Ethereum Blockchain . Each Pal is programmatically generated from over 180 traits, including hats, plates, faces, fish types, garnishes, and other little easter eggs. We take influence from Japanese culture and history, leading to over 700 million possible outputs. We’re also including 10 special 1/1s in the mix!


20% Team

80% DAO

At 25% NFT sales, we will distribute 80% of profits to the DAO treasury.

At 50% sales, we will fully open a DAO to move the direction of the project.

We’ve poured our hearts and souls into this project. Lots of time and effort was put into this project, and we should be compensated fairly. For that reason, the following conditions apply:

If less than 50% of Sushi Pals are minted, we’ll keep 80% of the sales. Minting will be closed and we’ll allocate 20% of the trading fee profits to the DAO

If greater than 50% of Sushi Pals are minted, we’ll keep 20% of the sale. We’ll mint some NFTs to be owned by the treasury. 80% of trading fee profits goes to the treasury.

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