'Super' Frenchies

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September 25, 2022 – October 02, 2022





Going LIVE on 25/09/22 at 9am UTC!!

Welcome to Frenchbulldognfts latest design drop 'Super' Frenchies!

This is part of our upcoming collection of French Bulldog designs based on true Super heroes from both past and present......no prizes for guessing which Hero these ones are based upon!!!

Each NFT is UNIQUE and have their own subtle changes meaning no one will ever own the same one as you, be sure to grab the one you like the most quick! These are the first of many existing and upcoming designs and we have big plans on building a brand, identity and real life merchandise aspect of the project to provide a 'real world' product base and following, plus we are also looking at the possibility of producing a regular comic book style offering AND a mobile gaming app!!

Although in our infancy, our plans and ideas are endless and we have high hopes for a successful future so it goes without saying that there is every chance our NFTs will grow in value exponentially. In the future we may try and introduce a use case for them whether it be it terms of discounts, exclusives, promotions etc too, at the moment the sky is the limit!

We hope you enjoy browsing through the collection and please feel free to like/comment/favourite any that you like and you can always see our full range of designs and collections at -


Your feedback and input will always be appreciated!

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