Super Albino Red Arowana - Dragon Fish

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March 18, 2023 – March 25, 2023





Super rare Albino Red Arowana / Dragon Fish that might be seen only once in our lifetime. These 2 endangered species fish were born on March 07, 2021 from Super Red Arowana in our humble certified dragon fish captive breeder farm. They were born with unique albino red scales which is extremely rare, only seen for the first time after over 20 years of breeding the dragon fish. There are 100 video clip nfts in this collection, which were recorded in FHD 1920 x 1080 in muted mode so no disturbing sounds. Each video nft is 1/1. Owners may play the video in a loop on nft display frame, let the dragon fish lives in the blockchain.

By purchasing these video NFTs, you also supported us to build facilities to better preserve this endangered species of fish which is getting harder to breed under global warming effects and increasing water pollutions.

Thank you in advance.

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