Sunny Side Pup Club

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June 26, 2022 – June 26, 2022



Sunny Side Pup Club Psychedelic Sci-fi NFTs!

We are creating a 3D science-fiction SSPC metaverse game where holders can plug in their NFTs and become part of the rich lore, further evolving the storyline!
Offering land in our 3D metaverse for holders to build on, when available!
A holders-driven animated series for YouTube. 

The founder/artist of the SSPC has over 30 years of professional experience in film, TV, music, and games, all digital since the 80s.

WAGMI Let's Go!

5K NFT Genesis launch of our project on Ethereum!

- OG .04 ETH
- WL .05 ETH
- Public .07 ETH

- 70% of all proceeds will go back into the project to build the 3D metaverse game and animated series!
- Get your own land in the SSPC metaverse to build on when it is ready to go!
- Own the rights to your unique NFT!

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A Psychedelic Science Fiction Metaverse Experience

From the depths of Darkmass Labs, genetically engineered clones, designed as bioweapons and code named SSPs were created. The SSPs broke loose and now roam the world freely, a danger to themselves as well as the global population, due to their sheer size and numbers, they are strong and breeding!

Exposed to social media and modern culture, they took on personalities of their own. A group of rogue scientists and androids banded together to form a secret society and save the SSPs or what they like to call "Sunny Side Pups". Using Web3 technologies and social media, they created a global virtual network, The Sunny Side Pup Club. Please help save these F’d up, unique, lovable (in their own way) creatures before it is too late!

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