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May 27, 2022 – June 03, 2022



ByoMental Pills, born to reduce mental pollution caused by external factors, which generate frustration in the population. The money will start to be used when you enter the arcades of the franchise and you will be able to see what it will be spent on. The main collection will have 9999 NFTS, that is, the first 9999 will be the only ones in the world to obtain this, and they will be able to renegotiate, as they see fit. Life Meter Tool It serves to organize life. The software that will solve your life. Each month data is manually recorded about the development of activities that we do over time and represents it in a painting record, you will be able to see which is the most predominant color and the size in graphs such as a chart of planets or a milky way that will tell you each of your attributes. so you can know exactly where your attention and your life is directed. It will flow in the same way as meditating for you, giving you the results and how you could improve them, as well as being able to set your goals and receive a recommendation for the use of time to achieve them under AI. This tool will let you know where your life is headed without lying to yourself. one. 20% of the total liquidity will be spent, by the hand of psychiatrists and video game creators, in research, production, promotion and distribution of video games derived with virtual reality with empirical neuro conceptual programming such as that prescribed by living naturally, to stop factors of external depression and anxiety promoted by noise (Anything that has nothing to do with our individuality), including rape, loss of family, laziness, narcissism, hate, murder, suicide, people returning from war, mental illness, family abandonment, frustration due to student failure, bullying and other common causes that descend to the human being. Through the game we insert patterns that replace those that are causing these mental discomfort. We can also analyze the person and create a small special video game for their case (Only for special NFTS), for children and thanks to the tool "Walking safely'', which analyzes and relies on your time as a fuel. You will be able to know which way your attention is guiding you and build a scheme of necessary habits to reach your projections and goals (Short-Medium-Long term), and insert those necessary habits through a video game. this will allow you to program your unconscious automatically to be the person you ask yourself to be, in a simple and pleasant way. I call them Biomental Pills, For example, he would prevent massacres in schools, universities or really whatever he wants, using the correct habits and neuro mental components through the video game in virtual reality, changing the structure of the wall (concepts) consciously to a through a video game. For abused people, a different configuration can be prescribed for the way of perceiving the world and knowing how it will be with a simple computer development and big data. They can acquire all kinds of habits, great kinds of skills, comforts and they can locate the openness to change thanks to the walking together tool, which through a brief daily analysis reveals your projections for the future and how to change it, according to your own goals. what better than a video game that does the heavy lifting. You will also be able to adapt a game taking advantage of the data collected and prescribing, for those you want. Thanks to the control of your hours, you will be able to redirect your future and also program it, adapt the video game to reach the necessary mind towards the life you chose. two. 20% will be used to build a package of games in the metaverse that develop awareness and the critical point, promote conscious breathing, peace of mind, freedom from complexes, shyness, personal finances, unmasking, induce living in the present, abandon drugs , overcome premature ejaculation, emotional intelligence, Time as fuel, that help prevent suicide, help prevent massacres, that contribute to specific user patterns such as studies, information, market data analysis, overcome emotional dependency and infinite within the options of a legion of games for each alternative and user, statistically based and as a market with membership and normal, promote individuality, find your talent, give you specific skills on a specific topic and everything that is activated by mental conceptualization . One is simply the result of what one observes and how one responds to it, but how one responds to it is conditioned by the first conceptualization map before birth.

3. For the purchase of an NFT, in half the time left for your next birthday, we will send you a gift plus a surprise NFT and additionally on your birthday we will give you an ADDITIONAL NFT (Not from the first collection). 4. Roulette Monthly roulette from 5 to 20% of the total liquidity, including that of the most expensive NFTS sold during that month BUSD, the money will be distributed in a minimum of twelve months, even if the collection ends before, it will also be raffled among the NFTS owners, stories, audiotexts, franchise clothing, including designs of your own nft. 5. By selling 50% of the collection, there will be discounts and raffles for complete passes (Tickets and stay included), to joint tours for group trips internationally. will be repeated when selling 100%, for Recreation purposes and data collection for decision making respectively. 6. 10% will be for investments in sustainable social projects that use technology, to annex labor and reduce poverty, benefiting its inhabitants and establishing an optimal standard of living, even in the poorest places on earth. This in order to reduce in the wake of deaths caused by starvation around the world and likewise with frustration. 7. Each sale of 33 NFT, randomly and at any time, not necessarily after the 33rd sale, the buyer will pay the NFT, if they are lucky and chosen, the money will be returned and they will have access to all the benefits of the franchise. 8. Access to financing ByoMental Pills. Once, a presentation of business projects of all kinds is held. The best profitable project receives 20% of the total liquidity until the moment of finishing the first collection, 10% as a gift and 10% as investment in shares for the project. Presale: In the first phase, a large part of the NFTs will cost 2 Ethereum, they will gradually increase in price until reaching 3.5 Ethereum in the final sales phase. (The rarer Nfts have a special price). Everything quoted here will not be modified, except for simple grammar, none of the benefits will be modified. Data “Each and every tool will be built with the money raised by the Nfts.” "Everything mentioned here will not be modified, except for updates on the status of investments, none of the benefits will be modified." "All members of the first collection will gain access to franchise membership once the content is ready for the life of the franchise." Creator My growth is so abrupt that I look like someone else. I will go through everything with a good face, I will reach the goal unharmed and after overcoming it I will arrive unharmed in all aspects to build a world that is a little happier. Biomental Pills.

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