Stykmin Society

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January 31, 2023 – February 07, 2023





What is The Stykmin Society?

The fun answer

The Stykmin Society is a Secret (but not really) Society, where some of the coolest, and weirdest, stick figures from the web come together to chill.

The technical/serious answer

The Stykmin Society is an art collection of 10,000 procedurally generated stick figure NFTs connected to the Ethereum blockchain. Each Stykmin is generated from a list of 195 unique traits, and can have as few as 3 or as many as 9. The traits vary in rarity, and while some are cooler than others, each Stykmin is awesome in its own way.

Full open public mint - no whitelists

The Stykmin Society is already a secret, members-only society. How silly would it be to require a membership in order to be able to purchase a membership? The public mint will be an ongoing event, open to everybody, that will last until all tokens are sold.

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