Stressed Out Crypto Dad

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July 10, 2022 – July 17, 2022





The FREE to MINT – Stressed Out Crypto Dads is a collection of 4000 Dads and the first in the Stressed Out Crypto Parents series. 

These dads may look like they’re just carrying a diaper bag and a lawn chair to the tee ball game, but their crypto bags weigh more than your dumbbell set. Each Stressed Out Crypto Dad has been generated from over 200 authentic fatherly attributes. Some Crypto Dads are extremely rare, but every dad in this collection is undeniably fun and verifiably unique.

Stressed Out Crypto Parents is an entire family of NFTs. From market meltdowns to toy aisle meltdowns, Crypto Dads must survive. They know crypto is the future. That’s why the kids’ college fund is securely diversified among 6 different dog coins. In a world where jpegs are worth more than the minivan – Crypto Parents are on their way to the moon with snacks! Visit our site to learn what happens when two Stressed Out Crypto Parents hang out in the same wallet.

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