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March 15, 2022 – March 22, 2022





NFT Collectors you're not ready for this. 

We're Strambolics the first NFT collection that was born to create a REAL art community. Strambolics is a unique collection of 10.000 NFTs that lives on ethereum blockchain and was  created by team ABSTRAKT, a group of fun people  with crazy minds.

The main objective of our collection is to express the inner ¨madness¨ that we all have, regardless tastes, genders or races, we all share a fun hidden personality, our ¨stranbolic¨ self. The team is all set to launch its very own art platform. All the holders of Strambolic NFTs will be rewarded with access to exclusive future collections. Also, Strambolic will launch an art tokenization platform for real artworks. The platform aims to cover the whole value chain for art collectors, avoiding all kind of risks with transactions, transporting fees and falsifications. 

Each STRAMBOLIC is a unique and limited, programmatically generated from over 333 possible traits including eyes, hair, face and much more. 

Ready to blow your mind? Join the first exclusive presale of Strambolic, more details on our website and discord.

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