Star Spaceplanes

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December 21, 2022 – December 28, 2022







Collection of 37 units:

10 of the Adventure model

Compact and comfortable spaceship for all kinds of occasions, ideal for exploring space in a fresh and daring way.

13 of the Pigeon model

Spaceship to travel through space at high speed, with an aerodynamic design to change direction and turn as smoothly and freely as a pigeon would do in the air, its size is larger than the Adventure model.

14 of the Attack model

Spaceship armed with attack equipment, destroy any obstacle or enemy that crosses the path during the journey in space, armored and larger than the Adventure and Pigeon models.

Cost per unit: 0.003 Etherum

Works with the Poligon blockchain

Crearse by: Jesús Alexandro Domínguez Briones.

Wood sculptor, plastic artist, digital artist and writer.


Social networks:




Vision as a digital artist:

In my opinion there is a void in artistic creation in general, a nonsense, a lack of depth. In the past, artists had a reason to create their art, a "why" and a "what for", and I don't see that in today's artists. For this reason, in my creations I will seek to recover that inner richness of the artist of yesteryear, but enriched with the aesthetics, form and composition of modern visual arts.

Artistic career

As a piante and draughtsman: 

Prize in the national painting contest "The child and the sea", organized by the Mexican government. 

Prize in the drawing contest "Caballeros del Zodiaco", carried out by the national television station TV Azteca. 

Scholarship to study painting at the Instituto Potosino de Bellas Artes, through public education in Mexico. 

As a wood sculptor: 

My sculptures have toured several states in Mexico. 

As a writer:

Author of the book of stories "Fantasia sin hadas", Adarve publishing house, Spain. Co-author of the script for the movie "Danza de Luna", screened at Cinemex during the national film show.Selected in anthologies and literature magazines, both national and foreign.

Tags: #art

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