Sound Block Chain: Orchestra by Roger Kilimanjaro

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July 29, 2021 – July 30, 2021





3D artist and creator of high-end loop animations Roger Kilimanjaro comes back to Nifty Gateway with a new NFT Collection. Titled ‘Sound Block Chain: Orchestra’, it drops on July 29th.

This is not the first appearance of Roger Kilimanjaro in the NFT Calendar. We have already featured his ‘Visions’ NFT Collection.

The upcoming drop on Nifty Gateway ‘Sound Block Chain: Orchestra’ will feature Roger’s signature soundblocks. Being fascinated by photorealistic rendering and surreal physics, the artist creates amazing artworks that always look elegant. On July 29th, you will see Rojer’s soundblocks that will move in tune with a live soundtrack composed by renowned composer Logan Nelson. All music for Roger’s NFTs was recorded with the Budapest Scoring Orchestra.

It’s gonna be an incredible marriage of music and art! Mark your calendars for July 29th not to miss the drop!

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