Sneaky Apes: Phase 1

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March 01, 2022 – March 08, 2022





Who We Are

Sneaky Apes is an NFT collection consisting of
15,000 Sneaky Apes NFTs on Polygon blockchain ERC-721 with over 150
variations of the original BAYC collection, all under the disguise of a Groucho Marx mask.

We aim to build the Sneaky Apes brand into a crypto and metaverse household name, and anticipate adopting compliance with ISO 20022, as blockchain tech becomes widely adopted by global financial institutions.

Our NFT Collection is intended to fairly release in five (5) phases, while increasing in value each mint, giving those late to the party an opportunity to join in at a fair price once the party has started.

The first 200 Sneaky Apes were minted and released into the wild via giveaway on Twitter to those that believed in us. Being that we believe in changing peoples lives, the giveaways will continue throughout each phase of release.

Reward Tiers:

• HODLRs who own 5 or more Sneaky Apes will be able to join exclusive giveaway of 400 NFTs (2 NFTs Each) to 200 Holders (100 each phase)!

• Holders who own 10 or more Sneaky Apes will be able to become a Secret Agent on the discord server and invited to the Bunker. The Bunker will be the hub for exclusive giveaways, voting on project progression and resource allocation, and white-listed for the Sneaky Apes Custom Collection (project details to be announced).

• Holders who own 25 or more will be given a high-five and a one-way ticket to Amsterdam to visit the Red-light district... you blockchain weeb.

•Top 20 HODLRs after completion of each phase will be given the opportunity to customize a Sneaky Ape, featured in a separate collection.

• The Top 3 Sneaky Apes holders the week after completion of all phases will have the opportunity to assist as a team member/creator in the follow-on project by the Sneaky Apes, team that will be featured on XRP's NFT network (ETA Nov. 2023)--just in time for ISO 20022.

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