Shining Joy Venezuelan

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January 28, 2022 – February 04, 2022





Join to my nfts shining joy venezuelan.

Tipicals venezuelan people

I am venezuelan content creator 13 years old, memes, drawing, designer of cartoons, comics and more. I am living in Venezuela and this land is my inspiration of all my creations. I invite you to visit my NFTs. They all are funny and picturesque, like my country :D :D :D. 

Buy a NFT Shining Joy Venezuelan, and you will be supporting me, my work, my fight and survival in a country inmerse in the crisis and sadness, but we all never lost our hope and smile to live in the next future in a country full of happiness, liberty and democracy!!!

These are my first 20 NFTs, but soon incoming new kind of venezuelan people!!!

Pay attention to my next NFTs, many happy and joy people all around of my nice country!!!

Dont miss them!!!

Click here to visit my NFTs

Below you can see the first 20 NFTs!!!



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