Sariku Anira's Wayward Apes

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July 16, 2022 – July 23, 2022





The year is 2095, and Earth is a thriving new version of itself called Meta-Xen. While most humans have become accustomed to a semi-virtual world, Others feel there is something more sinister to Earth's recent upgrade. 

Decades later, mysterious portals have emerged in our skies, lands & waters. Coincidently, during this time, a group of ape-like alien beings were welcomed by the Meta-Xen government. 

Dubbed "Wayward Apes" for their "Lost soul" & "Ape-ish" looks, these extraterrestrial refugees have seemingly adapted to our societies and cultures very quickly. 

Hypnotized by Meta-Xen's hedonistic night scene, Waywards can't seem to get enough of their new Earthly playground. 

However, Waywards' natural vampiric tendencies are becoming harder to control. 

(Launching July 16th-July 30th) 

Wayward Apes Are 295 Collectible Character Based NFTs With An Upcoming NFT Graphic Novel Series Attached. 

ALL Waywards Have Been Freely Made By A Sole Artist Without The Assistance Of Computer Generated Coding. 

Each Wayward Is Individually Unique, Rare & Relate Directly To The Upcoming Graphic Novels. 

Your NFT Could Be Based on The Main Character In Our Series. Maybe Even a Character w/their own Storyline.

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