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July 11, 2022 – July 18, 2022






H3RB5 is an open end collection of translucent glass-token-objects, a series of unique physical artworks, that can be claimed with the first NFT proxy  transaction. 

'Herbs-Lux’ is a digital art technique that reinterprets the tradition of still life photography using new image capturing methods, digital painting technique, experimental object making methods and light and art installation.

he method questions ways of seeing, perceiving, and capturing nature in a "technolyzed" society, by transcending living physical bodies of plants into its’ digital proxies in a process of re-conceptualizing herbariums and botanical archive displays.

Each NTF artwork corresponds to a physical object. At the moment of the first purchase transaction, a secret artwork code is revealed with the instructions on how to claim your physical artwork piece. The physical iteration of the artwork represents the “seed" translated onto the surface of a translucent glass disc which can be viewed from both sides. Each 'seed' is unique. No copies of the object can be produced without the NFT file.

Producing works that are essentially made in synergy of both digital and analogue creative techniques, I use blockchain to present and sell my physical works online. 

Somewhat a strategy of infiltration it is also a critique of crypto-art speculation market, which renders the artwork secondary putting the profit ahead of aesthetics.    Each H3RB5 NFT proxy serves as authenticity certificate, and simultaneously a guarantee that no copies of the art object can be produced, becoming therefore a proof that each artwork is not only original but also unique.    Stay tuned for information on IRL live electro acoustic music events and upcoming drops.   Check out permanent H3RB5 installation live at our Berlin location #kwia  https://Kwia.Berlin  Ambient focused deep listening sound bar&gallery.  every week  Thursday-Saturday 20:00 - late Maybachufer 16 Berlin

Tags: #art

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