Sacred Kit

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May 14, 2022 – May 21, 2022





Sacred Kit is NFT periapt's collection of 99 unique artworks in Ethereum. The collection will be released in May 2022 through 3 airdrops of 10 NFT each. The first drop of 10 NFT is on May 14.

Reality is a perception created by our mental systems. By moving your mind away, the true perception of reality begins and that is when you realize that everything is just energy.

Looking for the best qualities of human beings is the inspiration for the energetic periapts of the Sacred Kit. The original photographs used for the collection were taken in 2020 capturing people and objects in an abstract way.

NFTs capture energy by deconstructing the boundaries of images and letting colors and light freely emerge. Just as reality would be without the limitations of the mind.


Phase one: first drop of 10 periapts NFTs on May 14nd.

Phase two: second drop of 10 periapts NFTs on May 21th.

Phase three: third drop of 10 periapts NFT artwork tickets on June 7th.

Phase four : release of phase two Sacred Kit collection of NFTs - details TBA.

By 100% sales of Sacred Kit, 10% of the generated funds will be donated to a local organization helping animals. We love animals and we are committed to contribute further by creating a Foundation for care and protection of dogs and cats.

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