Robot Planet

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January 25, 2022 – February 01, 2022





Our story

The story begins about 12 years ago after three different people from different cities met for the first time at the university. They became best friends as they shared the same love of Pokemon and robotics. Years past away and the three friends got seperated but finally, one and a half year ago the met again to create Robot Planet and work together on something they always loved.

Robot Planet

Robot Planet is a brand new NFT project. After a lot of time of hard work our team managed to design all last evolution of Pokemons as Robots with over a hundred ready to be mint into the Metaverse on the Ethereum blockchain.


All Pokemon Robots are created with love and patience, are renderd in 3D software and delivered in 3D videos. The idea of 3D video art, combined with Pokemon make this project stand out.

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