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June 21, 2022 – June 28, 2022





RIOT Penguins is a project for nft starters and enthusiasts. We pride ourselves on a tutorial for NFTs, where you can enjoy all the glorious moments in NFT history. Our awesome discord server is a walk to walk you through the fundamental impact and significance of owing an NFT 

Great communities, great arts, great events and great projects RIOT Penguins plans to provide and for first been an alpha project. We will bring in Alpha callers to the project to post upcoming projects for you guys to mint or snag on secondary. This will also integrate into the current roadmap. Most Alpha groups charge a monthly subscription to be in there to get the calls. Here that wont be the case. Some calls will be public and some will be added to our new tier system that comes with minting our Riot Penguin NFTs. Holding penguins will allow u to move up these tiers and be part of more and more alpha calls as u climb through the tiers. The other utility attached to the project is the current idea of using our LP to invest in these alpha called projects and using those profits to reward holders on a monthly or bi-monthly bases. This new revamped system is very exciting and stands to make this project go well beyond the moon we had originally envisioned. 

moneybag Alpha Callsmoneybag 

The project at first is going to be an alpha group with all alpha calls being available to the public prior to the NFT drop. Once the collection is minted a tier system consisting of 3 tiers will be introduced. 

Tier 1: Public teaser calls 

Tier 2: RP Holders calls. *This channel will contain more calls and info exclusive to Riot Penguins holders. *

Tier 3: Whale calls. *This channel will contain the highest profitable calls available along with degen calls and will be viewable by holders of 5 or more Riot Penguins. *

dollar Fractional Buyingdollar 

This next utility offers holders the ability to pool their SOL together so they can purchase a more expensive NFT with another member of the community and have a safe place to house the NFT which can be sold or staked directly from a RIOT Penguins wallet. For example, if members of the community want to buy an OkayBear but don’t have the 100+ SOL, they can benefit from Fractional Buying. They would fill out a Fractional Buying form providing information on what members would like to buy the NFT together, their SOL contribution amounts and their target resale price of the NFT. (They can also request for an NFT to be staked if that option is available). RIOT Penguins will facilitate the holding of this NFT, the sale and staking if it applies. This keeps all members safe from potential scams. There will be a 2.5% fee on sales and staking rewards within this system.

owner Fractional Ownershipowner 

This utility offers holders the ability to do the above but directly with the Riot Penguins LP. After we have looked into the project and see promise we will put up 25, 50 or 75% to buy an NFT with a holder and split the profits. Again, a 2.5% fee will be taken from the sale. These fees, along with RIOT Penguins' side of the profits from the Fractional Buying utility, will all go to the LP.

solana SOL Rewards solana 

Another utility of the project is the SOL rewards. We have abandoned the staking meta and have instead opted for direct SOL rewards. The rewards are generated from our LP which will be injected into the project post mint. Using this LP we will be able to invest in NFT projects from our alpha calls. The LP will have a cap and every time the cap is exceeded it will trigger rewards to holders in Solana. Reward amount will be determined on how many NFTs you hold.

shopping_cart Peer To Peer Marketplaceshopping_cart 

A further utility of ours will be the ability to swap and trade NFTs and tokens from other projects and paying no fee other than Solana Gas Fees. Post mint we plan to launch a platform on our website for this feature. This P2P marketplace will also offer a middleman system for holders wanting to trade NFTs directly. 

tv Animated Mini-Seriestv 

After mint we are planning an animated mini-series to be aired on youtube. This will generate ad revenue and 50% of these profits will be added to our LP 

shirt Merch Storeshirt 

Another utility to add to the LP will be the Riot Penguins' merch store. 60% of profits from this will be added to the LP for SOL Rewards.

truck Real World Utilitytruck 

We have plans to launch RIOT Pizza. This will be our food truck business launching in Ireland after mint. A percentage of profits from RIOT Pizza will feed our LP. Customers of RIOT Penguins who are wearing merch when visiting the truck will get a free Pizza slice. If Ireland is on your bucket list to visit, make sure you come to RIOT Pizza when you're here!

star_struck More Utilitystar_struck 

We are already in discussion about how we can add even more utility to RIOT Penguins going forward. We have some ideas in the works right now and are so excited to announce them in the near future. We are building something amazing and we are  glad you are all part of it!

Our newest utility we have announced in our AMA is: 

chess_pawnPawn Servicechess_pawn

We are planning to launch a NFT pawn service. This service will allow anyone to pawn an NFT with us for SOL under an agreed duration. The pawnee would then pay back the pawned amount + 10% within the allotted time frame. Failure to repay the pawn amount will result in the pawnee’s NFT being claimed as collateral. This utility will further feed the Liquidity Po ol.

So join this huge discord server now and help grow the community and I promise you will be amazed

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