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August 13, 2022 – August 20, 2022





RightClickSaveArt (RCSA) is the first co-created conceptual art collection that tokenises the RightClickSave meme in its rightful form (an idea with participation).

Every unique NFT on the Ethereum blockchain can be RightClickSaved just once and by one participant only. Once minted, a derivative NFT is created called an xNFT (a.k.a RightClickSave NFT). xNFTs represent ownership of the idea/concept of RightClickSaving the underlying NFT.

E.g. xPUNK #1 (RightClickSave PUNK #1) is a derivative NFT that represents ownership of the concept of RightClickSaving PUNK #1, not PUNK #1 itself.

In true conceptual art fashion, RightClickSaveArt is the first genuinely co-created collection where minters make 3.75% royalties on secondary sales forever. Unlike other NFT projects where the original artist earns it all.

The RightClickSave NFT (xNFT) achieves a verified status when the owner of the xNFT is the same owner of the underlying NFT. 

Tags: #art

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