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April 27, 2022 – May 04, 2022





Our species finds itself on the precipice of a fascinating new era – one in which many of us are already elbow-deep, yet just as many still label lunacy.

We are talking, of course, about the rise of the NFT era. By God, what a fascinating yet infuriating time to be alive…

A light in the decentralized darkness

Welcome to Planet Hunterz NFT, a project that pledges to do things differently – yes, yes, we know that’s what every NFT project says, though we really mean it.

Sure, we’re going on an adventure together as a community – and yes, there will be cool pixel art!

But we aren’t going to lead you on a wild goose chase with unproven claims that our lovely, colorful pictures are going to make you all millionaires or end world hunger.

What we are going to do is have some fun, make some friends, and geek out about planets together!

Planet Hunterz NFT explained

Planet Hunterz NFT features a collection of 5,555 NFT artworks that orbit the Ethereum blockchain.

Featuring splendid planetary artwork by our in-house artists, each Planet Hunterz NFT features a combination of 70+ unique traits and brings fantastic real and virtual utilities to its faithful holder.

You know, all that usual jazz… But what is it really about?

Sure, we love everything for which the metaverse stands – but we won’t be establishing a vast virtual kingdom there. Why?

Because we just don’t make the sort of money that Meta does – even though, recently, it’s looking a little hairy for them.

And while we still love playing our Ataris, Nintendo 64s, and Dreamcasts, we won’t be developing a captivating browser-based game that pledges to totally transform the state of on-chain gaming and blow Play-2-Earn models out of the water. Why?

Because we are not Epic Games or Zynga – and we aren’t trying to be.

“Alright already,” you’re likely growling, waiting for any last straw to hit the eject button and escape our website. “Then what the hell are you all about?”


Putting fun first

That’s right, the Planet Hunterz NFT project focuses on having fun and nothing more – well, besides protecting your investment.

While we aren’t going to be topping Coinmarketcap tables anytime soon, we won’t be pulling that rug and legging it with your funds, either.

Ah… A total lack of grandiose claims and giga-chad social media motivators…

Isn’t that refreshing?

Space nerds around the world, hark our asthmatic call!

Join us as we celebrate the awesome presence of the planets above in the form of our quaint, colourful and unique NFT planet artworks. There’s really not much more to it than that.

We’ll always remain a truly community-driven project (without you, why would we be here?) and protect your investment by buying up undervalued floor price NFTs within the first 3 hours [of what?].

We also have great plans for giveaways before our launch – as well as long, long after.

Hot Commodity

With Planet Hunterz NFT, we seek to provide users with the world’s first NFT-commodity collection – an NFT collection that, while undoubtedly rather pretty, is far more than JPEGs, PNGs and JSONs.

We have the discipline demanded to provide you with as close to a guaranteed keeping floor price as possible. And rest assured, we will.

Discover more about our project by browsing our website. And if you have any questions, we’d love to answer them!

Simply head over to our Discord where you can engage directly with our team members, as well as follow our official Twitter to keep updated on every latest Planet Hunterz NFT development.

We’re looking forward to kicking back with you lot and showing the NFT world nothing really matters if you’re not actually having fun.

See you (NOT in Metaverse!)

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