Pixel's at WAR

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October 07, 2021 – October 07, 2021





Pixel's at WAR NFT Collection "All 1/1 editions" made with care, all have animation "Moving and 1000px/1000px" and none of the same will ever be minted again.

Series 1 Pixel's at WAR will have first 150 limited Pixel's inspired Dota Hero collection, which will consist of 9 Special Edition NFT starting price .05 ETH, i.e. Dragon Knight 1st transformation(Green), Dragon Knight 2nd transformation(red), Dragon Knight 3rd Transformation(Blue), Dragon Knight 4th Transformation (Black), Undying, Lycan, Lone droid, Night stalker & Terrorblade transformation.

Please see RoadMap for next series releases

Official 1st Movie 🍿 Date Coming Soon...

Official Game 🎮 Dates Coming Soon(Movie Inspired Game with NFT collaboration)...

Merchandise 🧢 Dates Coming Soon...

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