Our Redemption by toomuchlag

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June 02, 2021 – June 03, 2021






On June 2nd, Stefan Mathez aka toomuchlag is coming back to Nifty gateway with a special NFT Collection, titled ‘Our Redemption’.

It features 4 NFTs (Edition of 3, Edition of 5, Edition of 10, and Edition of 20) that will be available at Drawing and are priced at $1.00.

The thing is that the NFT pieces are just for those collectors who already have NFTs by toomuchlag (1,3,5, or 10 pieces).

“The saga moves forward and unknown mysteries await. This collection introduces a new chapter of the story, revealing a much larger narrative and unveiling clues about what will come next” – toomuchlag describes the upcoming drop.

Le anime have escaped hell and wander across the multiverse. Who are these new protagonists? It's up to you to find out.

If you are a dedicated HODLERs of toomuchlag NFTs, mark your calendars for June 2nd not to miss the drop!

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