Orrible Orcs & Ogres

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April 14, 2023 – April 21, 2023









Orrible Orcs & Ogres is a Storytelling based NFT project, a friendly project with insane artistry, aiming to help the Web3 space with logistics, alpha tools, and staking.

Apart from that, Orrible Orcs & Ogres will be exclusively developed around a dedicated lore, a comic strip, which means the holders of the NFTs can enjoy exclusive rights to the stellar narrative of the OOO, allowing them to dive deep into the world of Vresala.

Our philosophy and core mantra are to remain value-centric. By combining the power of immersive story-driven experiences with digital and physical collectibles, we are reappraising what it means to build a global entertainment brand in a fiery digital age with no doubt to become a future P2E game.

OrcTribesOOO WILL BE LAUNCHING 2 Collections.

3,333 ORCS already released and our first collection is sold out!

We are expanding our armies now with OGRES to follow our cause!

The Ogres are joining our battle_ 
A very limited Ogres genesis will be released, full details coming soon

Lets Gear Up For War

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