On Chain Mondrian Genesis

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May 01, 2023 – May 08, 2023







On Chain Mondrian is an NFT collection inspired by the work of Piet Mondrian. The artwork is generated on-chain via code stored directly on the Ethereum blockchain. There are 10,000 pieces in the collection and the contract has a brand new feature never seen in a contract before. 1 in 3 mints is rewarded with a refund of x2 the mint price. This means that people who get the refund get the NFT for free and also free ETH! The project has been founded by a successful NFT digital artist who has sold work in excess of $20,000. There will be 2 future collections based on Mondrian, one animated and the other a very detailed hand-curated collection. With an active Discord and plenty of giveaways, this is a great collection to join.

10 reasons to collect:

  • On-chain so it lives forever*
  • Vector art to print at any size
  • Beautiful designs created by code
  • Launching with 0% royalty fees
  • Full IP rights on the pieces you own
  • Revealed the instant you purchase*
  • The second Mondrian collection will be animated
  • The third Mondrian collection will be hand-curated by the artist
  • Successful artist, single piece sold over $20,000
  • 1 in 3 mints get x2 mint cost refunded back
Tags: #art

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