Nth Dimension Mandelbulb Presale

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January 22, 2022 – January 29, 2022





Infinite beauty and complexity derived from simple algorithims. The Nth Dimension project consists of 5 NFT releases each exploring the infinite unique possibilites of a hypercomplex fractal set. The Mandelbulb Set is our first collection exploring a 3D version of the famous Mandelbrot Set. The set consists of 5000 unique images and animations of these abstract fractal scultpures and will confer buyers sepcial access to our 4D Julia Set.

During the Mandelbulb Presale our first 300 whitelisted buyers will gain access to the earliest items of the collection as well as a token airdrop from our founders. Presale participants will have access to discounted mints, early access to our art, and qualify for upgraded rewards in our giveaways. On top of giving back to our holders, join us to give away to our communities! 1 of every 4 NFTs minted will go directly toward supporting https://www.codeyourdreams.org/ to help kids on the South Side of Chicago be empowered by programming and blockchain finance. Come grow with us as we iterate to the Nth Dimension of possible art!

Supply: 5000 ERC721

Pre-Sale Price: 0.04 ETH

Pre-Sale Date: 1/22/22

Public-Sale Price: 0.05 ETH

Public-Sale Date: 1/25/22

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