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December 29, 2021 – January 05, 2022





Our team began to develop this project when 2D pfps were a hit. Knowing how relevant 3D would become, we began to develop characters and a game. 


It is the year 2085 and Earth has become uninhabitable. With the Ozone layer depleted, temperatures rising, and food scarce - Humans take to the solar system and begin searching for a new home. System failure forces the ship to land on a planet of both scorching heat and sub-zero temperatures.

Upon arrival they begin to find a location for colonization; completely unaware that eggs, all unique in their own way, lie where the two extreme weather patterns meet.

They're not alone... 

Some info about our collabs:We are collaborating with Super Yeti

We are collaborating with Miguel Lopez, who previously was an artist for The Simpsons and a character designer for Family Guy. 

These collaborations will allow access and opportunities that would otherwise not be available as a standalone project. 

Please visit our discord for more information on current collaborations and updates. 

Our main goals:

To develop an arcade VR game and experience for our holders that integrates web3 validation to allow permission via ownership of a NKD EYE NFT.

To develop a Tribe VS Tribe Metaverse world that allows for tournaments across multiple worlds and in collaboration with multiple projects. Imagine something like The Olympics, but you're competing against other NFT projects!

Discord: https://discord.gg/PHS6PSm5FK

Whitelist Raffle: https://forms.gle/PWeiccfazWQat8tNA

Website: https://www.nkdeyeprjkt.com/

This first drop will be 555 Lootboxes in 3 tiers of rarities:

Ultra Rare

These lootboxes will provide significant rewards for those who choose to mint the original lootboxes and hold them longterm. If you choose not to hold, you will have the opportunity to trade your lootbox directly for an egg during our sebsequent character drop of 5 Tribes totalling 5555 tokens. 

Look out Fortnite, NKD EYE is coming!

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