Mutant Alphas Mint Party

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January 06, 2023 – January 13, 2023





666 Mutants On the Ethereum block chain, running a muck .

The only way to keep society safe from your Cohort, is to get them dropped safely In the ALHQ ALPHA WORLD (Staking).

While your Alphas are Wondering our Lands In our Exclusive World,

The World Leader, Exotic Alpha, Will teach them how to hunt and look for buried treasure (ALHQ token).

These Alphas can’t wait to show your their skills.

While with THE LEADER,

They will be trained to go on 14 day & 30 day Crusades to hunt for your token.

The ones that make the whole Crusade and don’t come back early,
Will reap the MOST rewards for their Cohort.

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