Museum of Doge Presale

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January 06, 2022 – January 09, 2022





10,000 generate NFTs with the aim to build an in-person museum in San Francisco. Artworks created by an Academy of Art University alumna, coded by an Amazon software engineer, and marketing by a Waymo mapper. Our team is based in San Francisco.

Presale is happening – BUY NOW before the floor price increases. OpenSea:

Owners will get VIP access to private social events, earn staking rewards, and receive luxury items. Every NFT owner is granted full IP rights(individual rights and commercial rights).  

Free prizes(such as Tesla, iPhone, and many more) will be given to our NFT owners whenever we achieve a milestone.

First milestone: 1 ETH sales volume

Prizes: iPhone 13

The staking rewards will be sent to our NFT owners monthly; the rewards come from the NFT sales and the real estate rental income(a future milestone) in real life.

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