MoonTouch Genesis

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April 20, 2023 – April 27, 2023





Moontouch is the first Japanese anime styled, free to play Web3 game on Arbitrum One. Supported by leading platforms like Arbitrum, Longling Capital, etc, Moontouch is launching Genesis NFT on Ethereum this April.

Moon Touch is inspired by Pokemon Go, SpaceX, and Voyager 1. Every step the player moves on the earth will have an impact on the Moon Touch world. And players looking for clues to obtain treasures in the Moon Touch world will also give players surprises in real life.


1# Back to the nature of the game
In most of the blockchain games on the market, players still buy miners (NFT) and earn tokens during mining. During mining, users do not have much experience with the fun brought by the game.
Moon Touch wants to change this status quo, allowing users to re-experience the fun of playing games in the past in the Moon Touch world.
Through the low barriers to entry and low difficulty of getting started, attract Web2 players to join Moon Touch. Let them understand and integrate into the new world of Web3.

2# 10k+ NFT buyers and million S2E players
With over 10 years of experience in the gaming industry and a strong community built up, the Moontouch team's fair and balanced game experience and virtual economy design will attract tens of thousands of NFT collectors and millions of Web3 gamers.

3# Platform Supporters
The Moontouch team has received support from several top platforms in the Web3 field, such as Longling Capital, Arbitrum, ETC. We are also actively seeking more platform partnerships and will announce them at a later time.

4# Link metaverse to the real world
Moontouch will integrate popular LBS and AR gameplay into its Sports-to-Earn game, using NFTs as social connection points. This will create a more collaborative gaming community, promoting real-world exercise and attracting more brand partners for Moontouch. Starbucks, perhaps?

5# Stunning Cyberpunk Art
Moon Touch features captivating art that immerses you in its mystical world. You'll be enchanted by gorgeous visuals and immersive gameplay.豆の素(twitter @mamenomoto39) Well-known illustrator from Tokyo, Japan. She has high popularity on platforms such as Pixiv and Twitter.

Schedule to launch NFT Cards

Stage 1 - 3,000 Genesis NFTs blindbox to early supporters and NFT collab communities for 0.005e+gas mint cost, Genesis NFTs will need to be awakened to be game heroes.
Stage 2 - 2,000 Seed NFTs to the Sports-To-Earn community such as Stepn, and members of MoonTouch DAO
Stage 3 - 15,000 Player NFTs to sport-to-earn gamers

Mint Info for Moontouch Genesis NFT

Genesis Mint 1 is closed for 300 early supporters on Arbitrum. We are now open to Genesis Mint 2 on Ethereum, detail as below:

Total Supply: 2700
Whitelist Mint Only, First come first serve.
Mint Cost: 0.005e + gas
Host Chain: Etherum

NFT Evolution Path:

  1. [On Ethereum] Mint BlindBox NFT
  2. [On Ethereum] Reveal into a NFT card, with PFP and rare attributions
  3. [On Arbitrum] Waken in the game, Turn to an utilized NFT card
  4. [On Arbitrum] Enjoy NFT gaming social experience, and rewarding from Sports-to-Earn

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