Moon Turtle NFT Launch

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October 08, 2021 – October 09, 2021





Far on the remote seashores, under the shells of darkness, baby turtles hatched from sun-warmed eggs. One of them was delighted to make it across the earth and into the moon without losing his direction or being caught by hunters. Enduring every one of the risks of the earth, sea, and the skies, the baby turtle arrived at the moon. Now the baby turtle is strong and has capacities to transform in various tones.

Hence, The Moon Turtle now believes in going up only and he wants you to join his fam and take everything to the Moon and beyond. So to all the Moon lovers... Let's Ride!!!

Moon Turtle is a collection of 2500 randomly, yet, stylistically generated, hand-drawn and vectorized NFTs that exist on the Ethereum Blockchain.

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