Monster Shelter

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November 10, 2021 – November 10, 2021





In one night seemingly creepy but very cute monsters filled the streets of cities all over the world. Every creature needs a home, so an unknown organization called Monster Shelter set itself the goal of putting these small critters in good hands...

Monster Shelter is a collection of 9,999 randomly generated and fully animated NFTs. They take the form of homeless monsters with a variety of colorful backgrounds, inspired by horror culture. Each monster has up to 10 traits on itself and its own color palette, creating an individual appearance and character of the animal.

After receiving a cute monster, holders can join a multiplayer Tamagotchi game with MMORPG elements in our discord, where they can take care, develop and socialize their new friend. There will be exciting in-game and real communication, fun events, rewards, and growth of and outside the gaming community. And this will probably be just the beginning of the long journey of Monster Shelter and the funny little monsters (and possibly their children if they ever want to breed).

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