sonsofgods - 1.25 sol

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June 23, 2022 – June 30, 2022


Magic Eden



Introducing the Sons of Gods NFT collection, focused on bringing utility to web3, connecting a NFT collection with the real world.

SoG are non-fungible tokens based on the Solana blockchain, looking to be a multiple NFTs long term collection. First SoG generation will be used to finance the creation of a software factory using the experience and knowledge of the team in the industry. Giving our holders, a percentage of the startup, we are going to create an authentic connection between the real world and our NFTs.

The Sons of Gods project puts a special emphasis on holding our items, this lines up with idea of a community that will grow with each civilization.
The entire project follows an original lore that creates interaction between every civilization warrior, holder of our collection.
That is why a SoG game will take place, making these lore interactions as real as possible, and giving the chance to win exclusive rewards just for being a solid part of our community, all of these rewards will have real utilities.

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