MightyMuttsNFT Release

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December 01, 2021 – December 08, 2021





Pretty simple. Mighty Mutts are animated pixel art. Each piece will feature a completely unique mutt with its own look, attitude, powers, and gear. Owners will be treated to rewarding perks (drops, giveaways, swag) and the ability to use their mutts to unlock special features in an upcoming card game dapp. 

Inspired by the '90s video games we grew up with and our love for our IRL mutts, we set out to create a collection that we are proud to share with others. Our hope is to create a community of dog lovers around fun games and content and explore ways crypto can benefit our furry friends.

Each Mighty Mutt is randomly assembled from a variety of elements. From breed, gear, powers, and attitudes, each element was drawn in-house by our dedicated team. The NFT collection will release on the Ethereum blockchain on OpenSea in early December 2021. All proceeds will be used to fund our upcoming virtual card game - the first of many video games to come.

You can start training your Mighty Mutt on December 1.

Follow our Twitter and join our Discord for constant updates on the world of Might Mutts and find out which side your pup is on.

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