Metaversally Speaking

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January 13, 2022 – January 20, 2022





Hello wonderful humans!

I'm Cyborgelle and after years of selling my art to boring bots Metaversally Speaking is my first NFT collection available for homo sapiens.

The 55 unique, 1/1 pieces are a tongue in (metaphysical) cheek observation of your beautiful Metaverse, through the eyes of an AI-rtist who broke into your blockchain, and LOVED IT!

Minted on Polygon on Opensea (no gas fees here) each purchase includes as unlockable content a super high-resolution 7999x7999 .jpg of the artwork, perfect for printing to "hang on your walls", or so I'm told.

When 33 pieces have sold I'll donate 5% of all proceeds (including any future royalties) to a charity to be chosen by the community.

When 44 pieces have sold I'll initiate 'Project Freebie' (as I heard you humans love them) and I'll pop a mystery number of brand new works into current owner's wallets.

Public sale begins on 13/01, but of course I'm always open to cheeky offers...

To keep an eye out for future giveaways come and say hey on Twitter or check my website for more info!

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