Metagalaxy Land

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May 15, 2022 – May 22, 2022

Our Metagalactic NFTs are collection of 40.000 unrivaled planet, each one is completely unique and features up to 5 traits. Our Metagalactic NFTs are the in-game asset that act as a Planet in the Metagalaxy Land; additionally gives you an exclusive access to Metagalaxy Land Game "as Space Cowboy", metaverse, and much more.

When an investor buys a Metagalaxy Land NFT, they are not simply buying an avatar or a provably rare piece of art; at the same time, they find a place for themselves in a peerless adventure. In Metagalaxy Land Game, our investors are gaining the opportunity to terraform a planet whose benefits (with its play2earn feature) and offerings will increase over time and become a Space Cowboy that rule these planets.

It's time to discover a new planet, or better yet, create a new planet!

MetaGalaxy Land is an NFT GameFi Metaverse project on the BSC network. It is a blockchain based next generation gaming platform and where the investors are able to create and exchange their own special customized planets as NFTs and participate the game as a Space Cowboy.

Metagalaxy Land helps its investors who want to become a Space Cowboy to create their Ideal Planet even beyond their own borders. 

Earn tokens through harvesting, leveling up, constructing, alliances and PVP’s against other players, or by selling them on the Metagalactic Marketplace. Explore, create, dive deep into this space adventure!

All games are drugs, but some are more addictive than others.

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