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March 25, 2022 – April 01, 2022





Royalties For Life - Metaroyal NFTs Giveaway

3 lucky winners have a chance to win a limited edition nft that pays you just for owning it!

The metaroyal line is an ultra-limited collection of only 200, passive income generating nfts based on in-game characters from an immersive 3d play-to-earn game, developed by metablaze. We wanted to extend our reach throughout the world and share this exclusive opportunity with you! Aside from this giveaway, metaroyal nfts are only available during our current token presale, and they will never be offered to the public again.

Metaroyal nfts provide holders exclusive access within the metablaze gaming metaverse holders and most notably, unlock unlimited passive earning potential based on every standard 10k nft collection sold by metablaze.

How does it work?
Every time an nft is resold on the secondary market, metaroyal nft holders, and metaroyal nft holders only, get a 10% portion of royalties paid by opensea--the most prominent nft marketplace. With 40,000 nfts produced by metablaze per year, this means holders have the unique opportunity to earn money from 40,000 nfts per year or even 120,000 nfts within 3 years!

This can equate to hundreds of thousands of dollars in earnings! And you can win one for free! Metablaze has decided to giveaway 3 free metaroyal nfts, all you have to do is follow the requirements to enter this airdrop giveaway, make sure you follow all steps

To enter giveaway: https://sweepwidget.Com/view/52170-fpo4j1qu 
Want to know more about metablaze?
Metablaze (mblz) is a defi x gamefi utility token designed for the metaverse. The ecosystem is designed with a network of utilities in a way that offers more robust support to the metablaze economy through the multitude of revenue streams constantly funding the economy.  Through this, metablaze is positioned to incrementally increase market resiliency and offer a strong support system to a sustainable, and scalable economy while continuously maximizing value for holders of $mblz.

Key features of metablaze:
Certik audit | certik kyc |skynet security monitoring

Passive income in mblz & busd
10k nft collections (based on in-game characters)
Nft marketplace
Play to earn rpg
Virtual re
Anti whale mechanism
Anti bot mechanism
Auto buyback mechanism

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