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May 03, 2022 – May 10, 2022





Juice of Dionysus will release 25 NFTs in the Ethereum blockchain.  MetaArtWine bottles, unique artworks created by hand in 48x48 pixelart.  The new collection will be minted directly on OpenSea (JuiceofDionysus) and will increase the Juice of Dionysus cellar / gallery already present, precisely on OpenSea.

"The artistic project, wants to communicate my passion for wine, the vast world that surrounds it, and the passion for figurative arts and colors.  I chose pixel art, because it is linked to the culture of the 80s / 90s, I think it best represents an "artificial reality", distorted, a little confused.  But still the truth. " JoD

The Juice of Dionysus project wants to spread a missing element in the NFT world, wine.  However it was not treated properly.  Initially it wants to be a form of figurative art: limited series bottles, revisited classic and modern famous works as well as unpublished artworks related to the world of wine and nature.

In the future, as the project grows, it is my desire to collaborate with royal wineries, established wine producers.  Then create new NFT collections that give owners the right to discounts with collaborating wineries (exclusive access to sales, discounts, invitations to events ...)

Tags: #art

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