Meta Mafia

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January 14, 2022 – January 21, 2022





10,000 thugs banging on ethereum!

The metaverse is vast and the Mafia must expand its business. The family takes, the family gives. We will allocate a portion of the funds from the primary sales and future ventures to the common offshore account which will benefit our organization. Regional clique leaders will have access and voting rights to the multi-signature account. The access is dynamic and inactive users will be voted out. 

There are many talented artists and developers on the metaverse that can't protect themselves against the competition. Meta Mafias racketeers will take care of these individuals in exchange for a continuous submission to the authority of all blood brothers, but more importantly - tribute in the form of NFT's, and a cut of the primary sales that will go into the common offshore bank account

The Mafia takes care of its own. Its founding members will appropriate multiple dApps, accessible only to our members. Starting with a generative collection rarity scraper, you will be able to have an edge on your competitors, by knowing which NFT's in a collection are the cash cow way before a Rarity Sniper release.

Cross-chain metaverse character implementation will make it possible for all Mafia members to exist in multiple metaverses. Netvrk will be our first partner. 

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