Meta Lordz

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December 20, 2021 – December 27, 2021





- Meta Lordz is a one-of-its-kind NFT project with 4444 unique digitally hand drawn warriors in REALISM art form with tokenomics and future P2E RPG Game plan. 

- REALISM ART- With a clear battle game in mind, each character, weapon, gear has been designed with the highest degree of detailing and precision.

- 4 warrior types with their own set of weapons, gears and accessories. 250+ attributes.

- 50% of secondary sale income will be used to increase value in the hands of NFT holders through regular buybacks & monthly dividends (paid out in LORDZ token). Further, LORDZ token will be deeply tied to the Meta Lordz game ecosystem, and will be used as primary in-game currency. Eventually LORDZ token will be listed on major global exchanges.

- Meta Lordz NFT is the access token for the upcoming Meta Lordz game - you will start with the same warrior and set of attributes as your NFT.

- Every warrior type, weapon and gear has a skillset score across 5 dimensions - Attack, Defense, Speed, Dexterity and Magic. The total skillset score of your warrior will be directly correlated to the rarity score of your NFT. You need to kill monsters in the game which will unlock more in-game attributes and collectibles, which increases your total skillset score, and thus increases the rarity of your NFT.

Pre-Sale: 17th Dec, 4 PM UTC
Public sale: 19th Dec, 4 PM UTC

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