Mercedes-Benz NXT Icons

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September 09, 2023 – September 16, 2023





German luxury car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz is taking steps to bring its real-world success into the non-fungible realm with the newest collection. Through its digital art subsidiary Mercedes-Benz NXT, the carmaker is launching the Mercedes-Benz NXT Icons, a sequel to its Maschine NFT collection that debuted back in June.

The Mercedes-Benz NXT Icons focuses on the automobile maker’s design heritage and ‘makes connections between the past, present, and future through digital collectibles in the form of cards. ’The collectibles’ story will be told through seven eras, namely The Era of Luxury, The Era of Technology, The Era of Precision, The Era of Safety, The Era of Safety, The Era of Elegance, The Era of Performance, and The Era of Pioneering. These seven eras are digital re-interpretations of the most notable designs from the car-making company, starting from the current moment to the inception of automotive history. They are created by the Mercedes-Benz design team and headed by Chief Design Officer Gorden Wagener.

The first era, The Era of Luxury, will be available for mint on September 5th through a rebate Dutch auction. There will be 2,694 digital collectibles available, with six vehicle designs, nine card special effects, 19 vehicle colors, 10 card fronts, and 18 card back designs.

Just like The Era of Luxury, the rest of the eras will be rolled out gradually and available via a Duction auction, with each era making its debut within a few months' gap. There will be approximately 2,700 digital collectibles in the form of trading cards featured in the series, bringing the total collection to 18,860 items. The eras representing the present day will be unveiled first, followed by eras representing the carmaker’s past designs.

Holders of the Maschine and Mercedes-Benz NXT Eternities collections will be given privileged, early access to the new collection through mint passes. These mint passes, claimable via our website, will be available through the release of the last era in the Mercedes-Benz NXT Icons collection.

Become a part of the Mercedes-Benz car-themed journey as the famous ride maker drives further into the non-fungible realm!

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