Masterpiece Paintings - Extended Edition

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March 07, 2023 – March 14, 2023





We're thrilled to announce the first-of-a-kind, exclusive collection of 15 historical masterpieces, reimagined like never before. Our team of artists and experts have meticulously extended each painting's artwork using a blend of hand-drawing, painting, and specially trained AI with 50,000 paintings.

We don’t have Twitter, Discord, roadmap, or utility. This is art for art's sake, as was it always meant to be. You didn’t get a chance to own the Mona Lisa, The Starry Night, or The Persistence of Memory, but you may try to get to own a unique piece of history with extended editions.

Each day we will be listing one masterpiece on 24 hours auction, beginning with painting number 15 - The Arnolfini Portrait and ending with the iconic Mona Lisa. With the Ethereum blockchain ensuring the authenticity and uniqueness of each piece, you can trust that your investment will be only yours and increase in value over time.

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